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Back on track...thanks to bloggers

After beginning C25K in Jan thinking there was plenty of time to prepare for running a leg of the Belfast marathon on May 6th, I came down with chesty cold that knocked me out for 3 weeks and then once re-starting I began to feel my Achilles ache and become v sore after W5 R1 so had to stop again a couple of weeks back :-( However reading the blogs on this site, of the highs & lows, achievements and challenges and good advice have kept me hopeful and motivated and yesterday I completed W5 R2 :-) After plenty of stretches Achilles feeling okay :-) So thank you for everyone who posts - sharing your C25K journey really helps. Now I just need to gear up for the mental challenge of W5 R3 planned for Tues...

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Good luck for Tuesday, Misfit2013.

In the meantime recharge your batteries and enjoy Easter. And yes, I agree, this blog is an amazingly effective motivational tool. 8-)


Best wishes for that 20 minute challenge! Slow and steady, and you'll be fine. :)


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