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The longest minute!


Just finished W8R2. I'm finding W8 tough. Had to leave 2 days in between runs as I felt so tired this week (partly due to a few disturbed nights).

Why is it that the time from when Laura says there's just 1 minute of the run left, feels longer than the rest of the run altogether! I almost wish she wouldn't tell you, then I could continue to fool myself!

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There's nothing wrong about taking 2 days between runs. I find myself doing that quite often on account of work commitments, weather, general tiredness, etc. This is no race, after all, but a personal journey towards better health and fitness. So if I (or you) need to take an extra day, why ever not?

Laura and her reminders! Hah! Did week 6 run 3 last week and it was a real slog. She didn't say anything for such a long time after the first 5 minute mark, I was sure she'd say 15 minutes the next time. Did she heck! 12.5 bloomin' minutes (half way), that's all. I felt so let down. :-(

Happy Easter.


As I got towards the end of the programme I started to leave two days between runs, and even now, when I've done a 5k I won't run again for two or even three days. It depends how fit you are, I guess (I'm not!) and some people will do it without any strain at all, but it doesn't matter if you do, you are still doing brilliantly :)

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