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W5R2: Fell through the front door, red-faced and wheezing, "I've done it!"


Yeehaaaa Yay! :) ;) To those of you, who like me, have found W5R2 the cruellest stumbling block ever .... I just completed it, plus a longer cool down walk home as the runs had taken me further away than I estimated!

It's been a long haul: first couple of weeks OK, then a few repeated attempts of some runs to make sure I'd completed them, and then over 3 weeks to crack week 4! (Rotten weather, work, feeling grotty and asthmatic etc). But today, after a lousy first attempt at 5.2 last week.... I psyched myself up with all the good vibes from this community, waited til the outside temperature was above 4 degrees, inhaled a goodly dose of ventolin, over dressed with thermals under running gear, purple wooly buff over my throat and lower face, pink bobble hat and ventured forth around my local pavements and a few main roads. What a sight! Did the same police car really drive past me three times?

An interesting feeling - en route today, I really did feel that the 'interval' brisk walk interrupted my ability to run for longer! Still, no doubt Laura knows best and I'm sure she has her reasons for the gently, gently approach to the bigger runs.

Good luck to the rest of you stuck on this one: if an older, overweight, asthmatic can do this so can you! The time will be right for each of us eventually :) Linda X

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:-) :-) :-) Way to go Linda!!!! I find I run so much better when I have a better outlook on things. Run 3, the dreaded 20, is next! ;-) Keep the great mental attitude and KNOW you will ace it!!!! :-) I started unfit, 49.5 years old and not completing some 1 minute runs to now, running well over an hour continuously. :-) YOU CAN DO THIS! Gayle

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Thanks so much for the encouragement.... Comments from the "been there - done that group" are soooooo valid! I'm now 61.5 and also found week one a real wake-up-call to my lack of fitness. So many 'undergrad's' seemed to be stuck at this same point yesterday .... I feel very privileged to be part of a group where so much success can be recorded. I'll keep the positives priority for Friday ;) rest assured! I bow to your supreme achievements and durations of runs. Terrific! :) X


fantastic stuff!! really pleased for you Linda!

i will put " the time will be right for each of us eventually" in my back pocket for when I next venture out.

good luck for your next run - now YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

ali x

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As can you hunnnn.... Add to the above phrase..... And my time is NOW! LOL X ;)


woo go us! i know we'll both smash run 3 on friday :D

rachel x

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And how! X btw - how do you get a smiley with happy teeth?


Very well done Linda! :) Sometimes it takes a few attempts to crack it and get in the zone so hopefully thats it for you now and you are ready for run 3! Best of luck!

Loving the pink and purple BTW! ;)

Sue x

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Thanks ... someone somewhere has to set the trend, eh? LOL Am now waiting for T-Short season to start and will get some printed with 'What you gawping at ... I'm making an attempt to change the way I look! ;)


Well run, Linda! :D : D (without the space)

I'll save up five smiley faces, with teeth, for you when you've done the 20 minutes! No nuisance walks in the middle there! :)

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Coooooooo ta muchly, look forward enormously :D

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