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Yesterday was my FIRST run and I must say it was easier than expected. The anticipation, much like when you are waiting to receive an injection, was worse than the actual activity itself. I felt that it was even easy :). It cannot be too difficult when I am running in the sunshine and warmth alongside the beauuuutiful ocean right? I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and W1R2. :)

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Good for you! Presumably you're not in the UK with sunshine, warmth and ocean?

All bleakness and darkness here! :D Enjoy tomorrow's run!

ruivinha16 in reply to greenlegs


I am wayyy over on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver :)


Welcome! Sunshine, warmth AND an ocean? At the risk of turning green with envy....where are you? Clearly not anywhere within running distance of here!!! (Although I can now run 5k, albeit very slowly!)

ruivinha16 in reply to Khrissy

I am in Vancouver, Canada. :)

And good for you! Just to be able to finish 5k is my ultimate goal.


This programme should really be called 'couch to running 30 mins'! Not a lot of us manage to run 5k in the 30 minutes, that usually comes after graduation and for some of us never in 30 minutes. Just take it slowly and steady (TM - Greenlegs) and enjoy the journey. Keep blogging and popping on here for encouragement, it's a wonderful supportive community :)

ruivinha16 in reply to Khrissy

Thanks! The encouragement and motivation on this site is exactly what a new runner needs :)


Welcome!!!! I too am envious of you posting about sunshine, warmth and the ocean. I will trade you some snow, ice and wind??? ;-) Husband and I live in the USA and finished C25k, B210K and just now signed up for the 5x50 challenge you will be seeing bits of here on the board. Like Khrissy wrote, I will probably never see a 30 minute 5K. Just try to go for time running, speed will eventually build as you build fitness. Good luck! Gayle

ruivinha16 in reply to gdeann

Thanks! I'll pass on the snow, ice, and wind haha :)


Aah, I'm so jealous! I've visited Vancouver a lot and can almost picture the places where you run - absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, welcome! First, and generally the hardest, part of stepping out of the door for w1r1 is complete already :D

ruivinha16 in reply to Bilby

Yes, sometimes I forget that I live in such a beautiful place. You are right, the first run was the most difficult just to have enough motivation to do it. Now that it is complete I am itching to complete the second run already :)

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