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3 weeks of no running will I remember what to do?

It has been 18 days since my last run due to anterior tibia tendonitis. I had intended to go out last Friday to have a test run but life got in the way. Was due to go walking with a friend on Saturday but this time snow got in the way, so for the last 18 days I have slobbed out on the couch, haven't even been on the treadmill (how bad is that). I do however feel well rested and that I have done the right thing by not doing anything too soon. I am going to go out at the weekend and do a test run. My shins certainly feel better, in fact no pain or soreness at all. May even do a walk on the treadmill this evening if I get some ME time.

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Hahaha..I'm sure you'll remember! I found the first run okay but I made sure I kept it very slow. The second one was a little faster and further but the third I found tough! That may have been because I was just doing circuits of the cemetery so on Saturday I went back to my usual street route, albeit the shorter version, and I managed a reasonably comfortable 20min 3k+.

I can definitely feel the lack of running but I don't think it will take too long to get back to where I was, although I do still intend to not rush it. It seems I have willpower....who knew?!

Best of luck for your first test run!!


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