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3 weeks of consolidation, summary


Today was my last "consolidation" run, and thankfully the gremlins were well and truly beaten into submission. It was a good run, I actually felt my muscles working (if that makes sense). I have been speaking to my friend in Barcelona and she told me about her husband's cousin who runs marathons. (I had previously asked for music tips.). Apparently he said he runs without music because he just likes to take in his surroundings and feel his body working. What ? No music ? Obviously the Spanish are barmy I thought. Feels his body working ? Definitely strange, I thought.

Well it turns out that today I felt my body working. It's a surprise. I mean I know it's there and working or I would be in a very difficult situation for c25k, but I felt my triceps pulling my arms back, my abs working (I nearly fell off the treadmill concentrating on that hahaha) and my bum muscles (yes I know they are glutes, but I have a 13 year old who calls them bum muscles and it stuck) were working, I felt them contract.

I still had music though, he is definitely barmy (in my humble opinion) to run without some tunes.

Today's run, 30 minutes at a very slightly higher speed than previously but only because I was hitting the front of the treadmill with my feet. It flowed, I sang and I felt my body working.

So, what do I think of consolidation ? Definitely should be done. I had some good runs and some bad grind it out runs. I ran my first 5k and voluntarily went and did 2k one day. But at the end of 3 weeks, my speed has increased slightly just naturally. I feel uncomfortable at the slightly slower speed now, I think my stride has lengthened slightly as my legs got stronger. I am confident in being able to run 30 mins. I have met the gremlins close up and they aren't that scary any more. I'm sure they will try and win sometimes and maybe they will win some battles but I know that I will win the war.

Now onwards to 10k (something I never thought I would say)

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Great post! What an achievement to get to this point. Those gremlins are well and truly defeated. It’s inspiring to hear about your progress.

I’m not quite where you are, but I know how important consolidation is. This really cements all the good work of the course.

With this attitude (and those bum muscles!), 10k is going to be totally achievable.

backintimeGraduate in reply to Stephen_UK

Hahaha. You always encourage me so well. I knew mentally that consolidation was important because the very knowledgeable people here told me and they have much more experience than I do, but today I actually had my consolidation epiphany lol. 3 weeks was definitely the right amount of time for me.


Thank you, such good timing reading your post. I’m closing up week 8 this weekend and facing a near future of consolidation, great to hear that the distance and speed comes relatively quickly. Your post was just the hand hold I needed, thanks again, A

backintimeGraduate in reply to ArnoldAx

Well done on getting to week 8, week 9 is only 2 minutes more, be sure and let us know how it goes.

I don't want to mislead, my speed increase is slight over the 30 mins (0.3 km/h lol), and 1km/h over my 2k run. But I haven't been working on speed, just consolidating, so it's a welcome side effect.

Good luck with your last week !

OldflossAdministrator in reply to ArnoldAx

Distance and speed comes with running.. as you have seen from this post.. lots of it, and runs that vary :) You will find that out when you gave Graduated :) Not too long now:)


Well done you indeed.. and so, it goes on.... time to head across to Bridge to 10 K and just in time too... A new Magic 10, with roseabi starts on Monday... and that plan is awesome! I am intending doing to for the umpteenth time, to build back after injury..( if my Physio gives me the all clear tomorrow) !!!

You have done wonderfully and you have taken so much from the forum.. and given so much to other Newbies too... I shall watch your progress with interest... and hopefully will be running towards that first 10K with you next week :)

backintimeGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I do hope you get the all clear ! I would be proud to have you as one of my VRBs on the bridge to *gulp* 10k

OldflossAdministrator in reply to backintime

Me too.... not going to be liveable with if not! It will be great to run together and it is a terrific, well structured plan. and with the bonus of exercises added in which are so helpful!


Love this post. I’ll be finishing Week 3 of consolidation runs tomorrow and starting Magic 10K too. I look forward to reading about your journey and I know it’ll inspire me on too.

Onwards and upwards all fellow Magic 10 VRBs. We can do this 👊🏼🖐🏼. This is a fab forum and I love all the ideas and thoughts and trials that people share 💕🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

backintimeGraduate in reply to Dottie_D

I got to week 7 before I found the forum. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without it and would never in a million years be considering 10k

Lovely post and run! backintime😊, Good luck starting the Magic 10 on Monday. Don't worry it's fun and doable.😊xxx

backintimeGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thank you

Congratulations! What an inspiration! I think your Spanish friend is barmy too! 🤣

hi backintime, you sound like you have really progressed since graduating well done👍

backintimeGraduate in reply to notquiteretired

Thank you, to be honest a lot of it was mental. My speed has increased, but only slightly. I am happier than I was running 30 mins. But the gremlins know their place now : )

notquiteretiredGraduate in reply to backintime

well it sounds like you have experimented abit and are finding what works for you

that will be my next thing if sorry when I graduate😊👍


Well done. Yes it's amazing what 3 weeks of 30 minutes does! I just say my bum or sometimes bum muscles.

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