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Week 8 Run 3

After not being in the mood for the run this morning, I managed to get my butt out in the snow late afternoon. To tell you the truth, I was a little concerned because I know running in the snow is harder and since I failed my last run I was really worried I would come back disappointed again. As I mentioned in my previous post, last time I just started out to fast, not ready for such a pace yet. So I started slower and what a surprise I managed the third run without problems. I have to say it was one of my best runs so far, since I usually check the time the last 5 minutes of the run way to often. I guess I am hoping if I stare at the time long enough it will go by quicker. Not today, today I just concentrated on the great music Laura choose for Week 8 :-) and ran until she announced I can stop. For some reason I was not tired yet, so I am wondering if I might just went to slow this time. But I think the best thing to do right now, is just concentrating on finishing the last three runs, and then I can really focus on speeding up or not.

Hope everybody enjoyed the runs in the snow, if not keep your heads up, we all have bad runs every so often, but when the good ones come, there is no better feeling.

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Well done! I don't think you should worry re going too slow, the important park is getting the runs completed. You can get quicker later.

I do find it much easier to run now I can have my own music... you're in for a treat in week 9! :-)


part, not park... doh!


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