W5R2 - Laura's being weird?

Hello everyone

I nearly died doing w8r2...I thought I was just being weak but I think something is wrong with the app - I swear I was running for longer than 8 minutes! I know this because I was running at the same pace as normal and I noticed the 5 min 'landmarks' and then about 2 mins later Laura told me I'd only done 4 mins!

I'm not joking about nearly dying. I actually almost hyperventilated when I slowed down to the five minute walk! :-/

Is there a solution to this? Should I delete and then download again or something? Really don't want Laura to be unreliable for w5r3!!!

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  • Others have had problems with the app and use the podcasts from the NHS website instead

  • How incredibly bizarre? Must say I haven't heard of this happening before. Maybe you should wear a watch, just to double check Laura aint taking the pi**?!!

  • Hi.. I think I had the same thing yesterday, but I'd downloaded the podcast from NHS website. It was on the first 8 minute run, Laura started speaking and I thought she was going to tell me I had 60 seconds left, instead she told me I was halfway through.. I was a bit surprised, but managed to keep going!

  • Hello.

    Im having problems with the app too!

    I ended up doing a 9 1/2 min run instead of the 5 min run because it keeps jumping, then the walk was only 1 min long, and then it was fine again.

    Ive now downloaded the podcasts, as i cannot trust the app.

    And yes i was nearly dying too!! The podcast is the way forward i think..........

  • I had this today. On the 8 min run - no half way announcement on the 2 Nd one then I realised I must have been going for ages and it was only 4 mins. That's wasn't right at all.

  • When I did C25K there was no app so I downloaded the podcasts from nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

    Considering all I see on here are moans about the app freezing, I think the podcasts are the only way to go.

  • Oh I thought there was something wrong on the first 8 mins - I ran further than ever and then she said I was half way through !

  • I found this when using mapmyrun alongside - could it be this?

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