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It's not getting any warmer, is it? Went out this afternoon wrapped up in layers again and set off in the opposite direction, deciding to head back to the park for the last third. It broke the feeling of 'oh no, I've got to do this another 3 times' and gave me lots of new windows to look into! Laura calling 10 minutes was a bit scary as this time doing that another twice was a thought but it that too passed. Really liked the wee bit of reggae towards the end - it had me smiling and somehow I managed to pick up the pace a bit. I plan the run to have a slope near the end and that helped too. There must be an incline in my park circuit to give me the downhill bit but I haven't noticed it. Weird.

Anyway, I've run for 30 minutes! Two more runs to go.

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What a lovely feeling - when you get to the end! Ten minutes into the run is hard work, isn't it!

Green badge is waiting for you... :)


Congratulations, I was there with you as I also completed the same run yesterday, with a bit of luck and a lot determination we'll both graduate this week!


What a thought.... I'd like to do Wednesday, Friday or Saturday...but you know what they say about the best laid plans, so I'm whispering it while crossing fingers tightly!


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