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Week 9 Run 1, also 5k race!

I ran the 5k today!! I walked the first 4 minutes to warm up and then ran the rest, speeding up closer to the end for an average pace of 12:47, finishing in 39 minutes and 43 seconds. I feel great about it and I have a t-shirt and a number from the event and the joy of knowing that I ran for 35 minutes.

It was raining lightly and it was cold. It was a little awkward at first. I run alone and today there were hundreds of people with different levels of experience and fitness. I didn't know where to be at first or what to do, but once the race started it sort of just happened. Once i started running it was about what song was playing, what pace was i going, and did i think i could pass that lady up ahead. I just wanted to finish, and to do my best, so i ran at a good pace for me and pushed at times during the second half. the rain got lighter still as i ran and between my long sleeves and the exercise, the cold wasn't a problem.

I'm thankful for this program and for the support of the people on this site and Laura over the past few weeks. I celebrated by getting the Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running. I'm giving myself 2 rest days and I plan to finish the program. I'm working out what's next, and it's interesting to be taking this running thing into my own hands.

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Yay! Well done, sounds like a great race and a great time too! Good luck with finishing the program and getting your badge; and let us know if the book is useful! :-)


Yes! Well done! I have a 5k planned 2 weeks after my supposed graduation, and I appreciate hearing from others who've "made it" in a race.

I hadn't thought about it before, but I bet it will be interesting to take it into my own hands at the end!


Fantastic!! To run in a race before even graduating is inspiring! :) I have yet to do that so you put me to shame....... Great time too, you have every reason to feel proud!!

I have that book and it's got lots of useful info and tips- happy reading! Oh and best of luck for your final couple of runs; graduation is in touching distance and so is your badge!! ;)



Congratulations - that's brilliant!

Looking forward to reading your graduation blog now... :)


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