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Snow - again!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I was supposed to be away - we drove to York set up the tent, stayed overnight then packed up and came home this mornin as it was freeeeeezing and started to snow - to say I'm disappointed is an understatement :-(

So today was supposed to be week 9 run 1 but it is way too cold and snowing quite badly here at home too so probably leave it for today (god it is so frustrating) and looks like il just do a little inside on the cross trainer as I overindulged a little too much this week so can't afford not to burn some of these calories off!!

To those of you who are braving the terrible weather (or if it is nice weather where you are considering it is spring somewhere in the world) happy running and I'm very jealous of you ........... X

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You're lucky you had a tent to pack away. A couple of acquaintances were camping in Glen Feshie, since it was too windy for their planned camping spot high in the Cairngorms and both had their tents destroyed in the wind. (Recorded wind speed of 100mph on Cairngorm summit).

It's pretty nippy here; the thermometer is reading 2°C, but with the windchill it's -3°C. I was fine when out on my run, and got very warm on the 100m ascent, but got really cold walking home 1km after stopping to pick up a parcel at the Post Office. It's taken my several hours to get warm again.


Its colder here in Aberdeen today than its been for ages, biting winds are lowering the temperatures. I've seen me running again after a run if I start to get too cold on my warm down walk, I have found if I get chilled it takes me ages to get warm again even after a long hot shower. Ohhh roll on spring and the warmer days.


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