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Plantar Fasciitis sufferers comments appreciated


So I've been off running and all high impact exercise for over 4 weeks which to say has been frustrating would be a gross understatement. Its meant I've not been able to run, no badminton, no zumba classes, no synergy 360 Circuits. I've had 4 sessions with Sports Physio and loads of rest. So on Friday yippee I got the all clear I could run again. So off I went on Sunday for an easy run which I interspersed with a few short walking sessions. All was great, no after pain at all. Then this morning I woke to the same old heal pain, which I did extra stretches to try and clear. I had a low impact aerobics class booked and Aqua Gym followed an hour later. My heel pain continued for a lot of my LI class. I had coffee and did some more stretches. Followed was my Aqua Gym, I swithered if I should do it and decided I would. I had a word with the instructor and it would be OK for me to duck under the rope and just swim at any time if the pain got worse. All options covered so off I went. Within 5 minutes in the water my pain had gone and its now 8.30pm and my foot is still OK.

I'm puzzled by this condition, it leaves you with no idea when its going to flare!! It leaves you with no idea when to rest or when to push through the pain!! I am aware that when I have the pain I've a tendency to change my gait and walk on the outer edge of my foot which could lead to serious consequences.

So fellow runners my tale of woe continues so if there is anyone on here that can give any suggestions or advice I will be happy to take on board.

I will try and run again on Wednesday which will give me an extra rest day, who knows what will happen then!!

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Oh flippin eck OG! I'm sorry to hear that your pain returned. It must be driving you nuts!

I wonder if it needs more investigation by a specialist. Have you got to see the physio again?

OldgirlGraduate in reply to misswobble

No more appointments unless I have serious problems!!!


I hope you can get it under control. Maybe you need a rest from all load bearing exercise for the time being. That would leave you with swimming and the aqua gym. It's frustrating when you want to be up and at it

OldgirlGraduate in reply to misswobble

I've just had 2 weeks complete rest while on holiday, only did walking and swimming. That's why all seemed good I think but as soon as I start running it starts again. :(


acupuncture can be helpful (into the sole /heel area) - as can ultrasound. As it is an inflammatory condition daily icing (5mins) should help too. Any inflammatory conditions can tend to seem to have settled only to flare again with little provocation. Have you had gait analysis too?

OldgirlGraduate in reply to helenbones

Thanks for this helenbones. I have been considering acupuncture have had it before for other problems years back. I have a water bottle I keep in the freezer (physio suggestion) and use it roller style when its really bad. Physio checked out gait and shoes and they are all good, would be reluctant to buy new shoes while this is going on but I'm using third pair of ASICS which are still fine. Had bought a lovely pair of Brooks Ghost 6 but they seem to feel less supportive so only wear them for short walks these days. I know my Acupuncturist retired a few years ago so will have a hunt for one, perhaps my physio will know one. Thanks again will keep you all posted, its a common complaint with runners so always good to share remedies.

helenbonesGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Hop you get it under control as is so painful. Mine stemmed from a hip problem on the same side - so better from getting that sorted as was keeping the fasciitis going - but then the fasciitis had a life of it's own. I wore shock absorbing shoes all the time (fitflop in trainer style - but not for running). There are gel insoles too - be wary of using just on one side unless you have a leg length difference (which must be measured standing, sitting and lying down to make sure it is not just a pelvic imbalance)

good luck with it all


I've had this in the past and it is really painful! Worse still there's nothing to show for it at all. It was always more painful in the morning for me but wore off the more I ignored it and didn't rest it. I do have one of those wee gel heel inserts (but only for my left foot) and have that in any footwear I have on. That gel insert also got rid of a nagging groin strain in my right hip. I'm not a doctor or physio and your mileage may vary but these worked for me OldGirl.

OldgirlGraduate in reply to PastyMan

Hi PastyMan, its my left foot too. Have put gel heels in my Brooks Ghost6 running shoes but they aren't the shoes I do most of my running in, I favour ASICS and to be honest I don't think I would want to upset the alignment of them as they are so comfortable. Like you my pain is worse first thing in the morning and one of the stretches I got from my Physio was to stand very close to a wall with toes bent up and push quite hard to get stretch the full length of the foot's arch. Well me being me and like experimenting I found I can do this same stretch when lying in bed on my stomach, toes braced up and push into the mattress. I do this a few times before even trying to get out of bed and it helps. The pain then comes on when I'm running to start with and I don't know if its good to run through that pain or stop, if I stop I know my running days are over so I just keep running, it settles down and I can complete a run but the pain usually returns with a great vengeance later on and nothing seems to ease it. Hubby is now beginning to say its time to hang up my running shoes but that is the last thing I want to do. :)


I hope you don't have to hang up your shoes OG!

I hope too that you manage to complete tomorrow's planned run. Fingers crossed

I have what you have too :( I should be on week 9 this week but had to bail out in the middle of week 6 due to my heel pain. Mine comes and goes too. For mine, I use ice packs, compression socks and heel supports and gel cushions. My husband recently bought me a wooden roller to use under my foot it has ridges on it and it looks like a piece of torture equipment but when you roll your foot along it is actually quite soothing. Mine is also on my left foot. My pain is worse in the mornings or after I have had a long rest and it is fine when I exercise but then the pain comes to surface out about 4 or 5 hours later :(. I have decided to break from all exercise at the moment except a 30 minute walk twice a week. I hope it clears up for us both very soon x

OldgirlGraduate in reply to madamepearson

Thanks madamepearson for your comments and I'm really sorry to hear you have the same problem. Its a very difficult condition to understand and get a cure for, if there is one!! I have had this on and off now for months, it wasn't too much of a problem to start with but then it really flared up and sent me running (pardon the pun) to the sports physio at my gym. So after 4 treatments I'm £150 worse off and no better off as far as the condition goes. I really thought after loads of rest, loads of rollering with golf ball (per physio) rollering with frozen water bottle, stretch exercises etc, just walking (sensible shoes) and swimming that all would be fine. For over a week I was pain free. Went out for a gentle run on Sunday after getting the all clear Friday from physio and really thought things were sorted as although I had some pain to start run it settled down. Then the following morning I awoke and was right back were I started. This has to be one of the most frustrating things to ever have stopped me running. Sorry moan over, but I promise if I find a cure you will be one of the first to know. :)


Sorry to hear about your woes.

My husband had PS some years ago. Doctor gave him some exercises to do and told him for some lucky people, it eventually goes away, whilst others get it for the rest of their lives. He was one of the lucky ones. It lasted a few months and went away. Been free of it for nearly 12 years now.

Hope you will be one of the lucky one too!


I used to suffer a lot with this oldgirl. I found standing on a stair/step on my toes pushing my heel down helped.The best cure I found if you can use it was to apply Ibuprofen gel to each arch.

OldgirlGraduate in reply to vengadriver

Thats just one of the stretch exercises I have been doing as per Physio. I have to say I have never tried Ibuprofen as a gel but have used in tablet form, will get some and give it a try, thank you.

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