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W5R3 At Long Last !

Well I did it today - finally stopped putting it off and went out and did it ! Thanks for all the encouragement and the virtual kick up the bum last week , it did the trick. The canal towpath reopened today after being resurfaced and was wonderful, the sun shone and me and my running partner were up for it. After a morning worrying about it, we set off at lunch time and amazingly we soon set a pace (be it a slow one) and I wouldn't call it easy but I really enjoyed it and felt such a sense of achievement. It was finished by a big hug and elation, it's probably the furthest either of us have ever run in our lives. Bring on week 6 !

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congratulations - just completed week five myself so I understand how you feel, hugs as well... I felt like a hug but there was only a tree and I am not a tree hugger :-)

Good luck for week 6


Brilliant feeling isn't it ! Thank goodness I did it yesterday until at least a foot of snow now!


Such a fantastic feeling beating the 20 minute run. :-) I actually cried when I did it. lol Well done. Good luck for week6. I will be doing my last run of week 6 tomorrow morning.


Well done to you and your running buddy! Over half way to graduation now - it's within reach! :)


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