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Week 4 Run 2 (treadmill)

Once again the word to describe today's session is comfortable. I certainly got hot and sweaty but never seemed to be out of breath. I'm looking forward to Sunday's run to see if running outside completely destroys that comfortable feeling.

Maybe it was all down to listening to Sweet's Greatest Hits while I was doing the session...


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well done your at the same stage as me. I did run 1 on treadmill then outside for run 2 which was OK but the last 5 minute run I had an incline with amount 90 secs to go, I kept going but I did get out of breath. all the best for your outside run.


forgot to say I love Sweets Greatest Hits, how do you listen to that with the podcast on?


Shhhh! Don't tell on me! I'm not using the podcast but the Cool Running android app for my phone. It's exactly the same program as far as I can tell and I can have my own music playing under the voice prompts. ;-)


An ha, until last week I had done all my runs out on the pavements around my home. Then, in the last few days I had an opportunity to use a gym treadmill - for the last run of wk4 and the first run of wk5! I couldn't believe how very different is was! In the gym, the treadmill is a soft landing, no dips or stones, no traffic and kerbs and no nasty weather and wind changes to greet you at corners! I do believe that those two sessions were the easiest of all those to date.... At the ends of both I think I could have run much further and longer.

Tomorrow I am back at home with no access to whizzy electronic treadmill, so I have to go back on the local pavements for W5R2 :( I really don't look forward now... Oh dear, I do hope Laura will spur me on, as I was able to use my own music too on the treadmill!

Let's both hope that our next outdoor experience will win us back to the great outdoors? Welcome back the undulations of the pavements, the smell of the traffic, the gusts of wind and buckets of rain, the traffic which is Hell-bent on destroying us ..... Or maybe the sunshine, birdsong, fresh air and the feeling that we're doing this the harder and better way?

Lots of luck for your next outing, will be thinking of you and encouraging you in the runs ahead .... We can do this the old-fashioned way, eh? Hang in there - Sweet's Greatest Hits will still be there for ..... feet up time when you are back indoors :) Linda X


Thanks, I do run outside too! But at the moment I'm only doing the one run outside on Sunday mornings. I know the treadmill is an easy option in comparison but it also spurred me on to get started and helped me to pluck up the courage to face the world - all red faced and sweaty! I'm planning to turn myself into a proper outdoors runner by the end of the program :-D


I am at the same stage as you! I wish I could say I found W4R2 as easy as you :/ I actually found it a bit harder than W4R1! Normally my second run of the week is the easiest so I am dreading run 3 tomorrow :S

Keep us informed on your progress :)

~ Olivia


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