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Strava and Week 4 first run


After struggling with 3 minutes in week 3 I thought 5 minutes seemed impossible.. but actually it was ok today..

The pace analysis on Strava showed each successive run last week a fraction of a second quicker than the previous one. It wasn’t intentional, as I’m trying to go very slowly, so presumably that means I’m improving imperceptibly with each session.. very happy with that..😊

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Nice one!

It's always encouraging to see an improvement in your stats data, but I would still hold-off from paying too much attention to them until graduation, just concentrate on getting through the session at a comfortable pace :)

Peggy63Graduate in reply to pippkins

Thanks pippkins.. I will definitely take that advice.. I’m so surprised and pleased with each session I get through that I won’t risk anything that doesn’t feel comfortable.. my average pace is barely above my walking speed. In the current situation though, it’s good to have a challenge. It’s a personality thing I think.. I’m not competitive apart from with myself.. I know my limitations, but I want to be the best I can be..😊

pippkinsGraduate in reply to Peggy63

If you are surprised at each session, just wait until week5! It will certainly challenge you (mentally if not physically) but you will amaze yourself :)

Slow and steady is good! Keep going! :)

Peggy63Graduate in reply to pippkins

Thank you... something to look forward to then..😬🤞😊

FionamagsGraduate in reply to Peggy63

You're going great Peggy. Looking forward to seeing you progress each week!

Peggy63Graduate in reply to Fionamags

Thank you!

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