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w4R2 yesterday

my legs stil ached from W4R1 but i decided to continue anyway, running a little bit slower than normal.

there was another runner using the track the same time as me, which nocked my confidence a little bit expecially as he was so good (and good looking lol).

i managed up until the 2nd 5min run and i had to stop a couple of times, i didn't want to but my legs just felt so heavy like i couldnt lift them. after i finished the podcast, i strectched out again,-by now the runner had gone- and i decided to push myself with a W3 run, just to make up for not completing the last 5min run. i had managed 2 90 second runs and a 1 3min run, then finished with a 5 min cool down walk.

woke up today and my legs arnt that bad, better than i thought, thanks god lol x

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I did week 4 last week and found run 2 the hardest, I think I was buzzing off run 1 and started too fast! I always tell myself other runners are too busy with their own thing to notice what I am doing, but why do I find myself straightening up and going a bit faster when one goes past lol It can be good and bad!

How do you find running on a track, doing laps?


thanks, its good to know others struggled at the same points that i do, it helps me think, if they can get past it so can i.

if im walking towards the track and see other runners there, then i try and say to myself, just turn ypur podcast up a little louder and pretend they're not there,- but then when one catches your eye as they constantly run past you its kinda hard to forget.

i like to run round the track-if its empty, which it normally is. plus its all level, no unexpected bumps in the road. and theres little things that help me keep going, like if im struggling i'll be like just get to the bend, ok just get round the bend.

but also i now know i can do just over a lap in 3 mins, and 2and1/2 laps in 5mins.


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