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So to the 20 minute monster ... early to bead last night to make sure I was rested enough - did'nt work, kept wakening every hour until 6:30

So to the run, had worked out a route to take the run OK and all was good until I arrived back at the house with 1'30" to spare, OK, jog round the cul-de-sac a few times to make it up. On the first circuit going down a sloping footpath on a turn, I felt a niggle in the right calf muscle, came more noticable over the next few steps so I stopped running and walked the rest.

managed 3.74k in 23:51

Back in the house, iced it immediately and did some stretches before during and after the shower. Took the bus into work instead of walking and at the mo, it's like a dull ache. Trying to keep the leg moving so as to not seize up altogether.

Looks like the plan is on the back burner for a while ....

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What a nuisance for you. Don't have any experience of injury myself but it sounds like you did some sensible things?

Hopefully your leg will be feeling better soon an you can get back in your stride...


ah well done on completing the 20 minute hurdle, I had 2 weeks off rougly where you are as I totally knackered my knee, although thankfully I picked up the programme again right where I left it, so you should be fine, a 2 week break didnt seemt affect my fitness


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