I'm not sure i like these muscles!!

W8r2 tomorrow, I seem to be cruising through a little too well to be honest I don't want to temp fate but..... It's ok:-)? Seeing as I found it so hard at the beginning.

But I have found a down side, I was going out on Sunday and wanted to ware my fave boots ( I haven't been out for ages so haven't worn them for ages)? They didn't blooming fit!! Couldn't do the zip up :-( I have this bloke like muscle on my calf!! I don't want them :-(

I want to lose weight but haven't lost a pound :-( I know running builds muscle and muscle replaces fat so it can tone the body even though the scales stay the same, but..... I did love those boots xx also I can really feel it when I bend down I just seem to be able to feel my legs bulky, oh god I'm turning into the hulk!!


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6 Replies

  • Oh no about the muscle! - but it's a good thing really, right? I don't think many of us have lost weight just by running - as you say, it tones everything up, which is nice (apart from your boots :( ) but you'll be fitter and healthier as well. And don't panic until you turn green :D

  • Time to go shopping for a new pair of boots, I'd say. See, there's always a bright side! ;-)

  • Hey why didn't I think of that to get a new pair of dress boots!!! Duh :) Just think about this girls, a) Toned waist = new trousers and jeans.

    b) Toned legs = new long winter boots (sales are on too, you might be able to get 2 pairs for the price of 1 pair).

    c) Lots of running = trip to sports shop to add to your running gear.

    Yippee, I love shopping, can you tel!?! :) What wonderful all round results you can get from this running.

  • Absolutely agree! Whoever said running was a cheap sport to take up??! I just have to hide it all from the OH though otherwise I get "What! ANOTHER new running top???" :D

  • Yep have to agree with the others - a bit of retail therapy required to help you get used to becoming the Hulkess!! ;)

    I too havent lost weight but certainly toned up so all good!


  • Yep shopping it is then :-) I can certainly do that, we are fast approaching sandel season (well hopefully) toned or just bulk 'I CAN RUN FOR 28 MINS' yay :-)

    I did tempt fate though with above message, today was really hard, completed but really hard!!

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