Checking in! Long time no see (unless you peruse the fb group and even then i'm not terribly active)

I know some of you regulars will not have forgotten me and my wondering when I'd have runners nipples (still don't, very disappointing) and legs like Xena Warrior Princess (also a no go but i have been told i must have, and I quote "good , strong quads" which must be somewhere around the leg area because it was a podiatrist who said so)

it is close to my first anniversary of finishing the c25k app so I thought i would pretend I was older and wiser and leave some tips for the new ones, reintroduce myself to the old ones and hopefully stick around for the foreseeable.

So, first of all, REST DAYS ARE REALLY,REALLY IMPORTANT. Yes, it's exciting and youve got all this new found energy, youre bouncing off the walls and its a lot more appealing than folding another tonne of washing BUT if you hurt yourself now you might not finish the program and you'll regret it so rest, don't give yourself paralysis, walk, cycle, swim, juggle just don't stuff yourself with cake or run every single day (yet).

Secondly , listen to your niggles, you can't run them off, (RICE, see GP) you are not failing, you are taking care of yourself so you can succeed.

and finally , if you're unlucky like me people will laugh , they will cajole and you will question whether or not you can continue. You can, after all soon you can chase them down or laugh hysterically as you spring past like the gazelle you have become. (I'm still waiting for that, hope is alive for this wonky legged llama)

I don't remember the last time i posted but it was ages ago and I have missed coming on and reading race reports and watching you all encourage new people to go out and be red faced and heavy breathe on everyone like an equal opportunity pervert.

Leaving the tag as it perfectly describes my running face.


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  • Hello Sam !!!

    Good to see you on here again, glad youre still at it like a good 'un !

    We will have to do another parkrun again . I did one the other week for I am Team GB , but haven't been running on Saturdays as I do a long run on Sunday for my HM training ( Oooh get me ! )

    Nice to hear from you again xxx

  • I got my sister and her friend into c25k after i did the great manchester run (im a inspiration lol) and they did the 10k at that park in august, but i couldnt do it with them so me and the kids cheered them and my nephew on. Definitely love to do another park run! I'm training for the Manchester Half marathon in October, is that the one you'll be doing?

  • Great ! Youre doing brilliantly !

    Aw there was a meet up at the GMR , wish Idve known you were there , you could've joined us :-)

    Yes Im doing the Manchester Half too - Yay , Go us ! :-) xxx

  • let's meet up there then, I'll be alone and it scares me starting by myself lol

  • Yes of course, no problem ! :-) xxx

  • Ey up Jammy! 😊 you still running then? Hope so ☺

  • I forgot to put it in my post but yes! hahaha I got a stress fracture in november and had to tentatively get back into it in february i did a day of each week til i was on week 5 and i thought if i can do the 20 minute i can get back to 10k training, did the great manchester run in may with a time of 1.11.22 , id ran a mile that morning as a warm up but that was at 8 am and i didnt run til 1 oclock i think hahah i only had a banana to eat as well so im still learning and torturing myself in the process!

  • How nice to see your cheery face again! I wondered what had happened to you. You've been very busy haven't you?! I just carried plodding along, but I picked up a problem with my hip flexor in June and have been forced onto the injury couch for the summer. I'm nearly mended now, and will have to start again from scratch when I'm given the go ahead.

    Keep on posting x

  • OH NO! Were you trying to do that 30 day challenge that has you aking sweet love to the floor in the most diabolical ways? I gave up on day 14 because i just dont think my thighs are supposed to go that far away from my centre of gravity.

    I hope it gets better soon :)

  • Um no ... I am way too oldest for those kind offer shenanigans! Just plodding along minding my own business but managed to pick up an injury. Hey ho. Your way sounds more fun. I my Google it!

  • it's that kinetic revolution thing.

    I'm terrible at it so I just do the balances and the nhs knee exercises when I remember to.

  • Great to hear from you!

  • Hi jamsammich Thats a great set of tips you've come up with. Good to know you're still going strong (despite the stress fracture) Good luck with your HM. :)

  • Thank you :) I need it , I'm 2 weeks behind on the training plan lol

  • Blimey ! I have just realised you wrote that you had a stress fracture ???

    Wassat ? When ? How ? Where ? Huh ? :-O xxx

  • oh it is nought but the purest form of shin splints involving mucho pain, a LOT of limping and usually 12 weeks to heal, I did get some podiatry inserts for a slight pronation a special resistance band for leg exercises, scotch tape of the sports kind, 2 new pairs of trainers (3 but don't tell the Mr - also found out I'm actually a half size bigger than i thought as well) special socks and had to take an absolute break from running :( (That was drs orders about 6 weeks in, should have listened first time) bought a turbo trainer for the fellers bike hence the fabulous quads haha.

    It hurt, I never want another. They don't always show up on X-rays so hard to diagnose but my other leg got better within days so they assumed it to be one in my left leg.

    It took about 4 months to heal because i tried to go for a run 'just to see' and i shouldn't have done that.

  • Oh Sam !!! You don't do things by halves do you ?

    Glad youre all sorted now, sounds nasty and painful ! :-( xxx

  • Hallo 😊 remember you and how great to see you're still out there running your little socks off. There are some great tips there. Welcome back.

  • Good to see you back jam!

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