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WK5 R3 :\

OK so tonight is my 20min run and I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm sure I'll be fine as i did quite well on the 8min runs but I'm in a bit of a war with the unfit little devil on my shoulder whispering at me not to bother and just to go home and veg on the sofa. I haven't given in yet and have my fingers in my ears trying not to listen but she usually has a very good argument.

As I'm coming up to the end of the C25k I'm a little worried I'll lose interest (I can be a bit faddy, if thats actually a word) as at the moment there is a set plan. Has anyone continued with the C25k+ how does that work? Also at present I'm on the treadmill, has anyone gone else gone from the treadmill to the road and how was it? what did you do? was it more difficult?

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Flick that little devil off your shoulder and squash him under foot. You can do this you know you can, this is what you have been working towards right from the begininning. I've done the 20 minute run and I had serious doubts before I started but have 100% faith in yourself and Laura. Just take it slow. I haven't got to the end of the programme yet, but I intend to concentrate on speed once I have finished the 9 weeks. I can't offer any advise on the running outside versus the tread mill because I have only run outside.

Good luck on your run, and remember you can do it. :-)


I echo what Caz wrote. Go out and run!! You may just surprise yourself! :-) if you have made it this far on a treadmill, then I know you can finish the program! I have used a treadmill a few times with bad weather and I prefer the outdoors. Even though there is the elements as well as potholes etc. Its not near as boring. The advantage of a treadmill is less stress on joints and consistent pace. Good luck to you and KNOW you will ace the dreaded 20!!! Gayle


After graduating I repeated the w9 run a few times (trying to persuade myself that I could really do it!), and added in some of the c25k+ podcasts. I've now settled into a pattern of Speed and Stamina once a week each and a longer circuit which takes me about 40-42 mins depending on how much I walk! Combining the speed and stamina runs is definitely paying off, as I can see how much further I get when I'm on the treadmill, or how much further round my route I am in the time.

I've used a mix of treadmill and road - at the moment I have one treadmill session most weeks, sometimes two - but in the worst of the weather I did all my running indoors, and whew. I started back in the autumn it was all outdoors. I'd recommend trying to run outdoors when you can, as it's so much more interesting and much more fun in my opinion. Just be aware that most people find it much harder work outdoors, so don't expect to keep anything like the pace you have on the treadmill. (As an example, I can do 4.3 miles on the treadmill in 45 mins - including 5 min walks each end; my *really* good outdoor run recently was 4.17 miles in just under 50 mins, including walks each end)

I hope your 20 mins went well today, and you beat those little gremlins under your feet! ;)


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