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So Good To have a Good Run

I've made Monday my day for a long run, as mostly I don't have any work on Mondays. I didn't set off till much later than I'd intended as strangely I got engrossed in tidying. Anyway I set off around 4pm with the intention of running 7K. Today just happened to be one of those days when everything falls into place, I got into a good pace quickly and just ran and ran, so once I'd gone past 7K I though I might as well go for a personal best (previously 8K) and I managed to go on to run 9K.

My legs are a little achy now, but I'm still smiling.

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Well done. :-)

One day I too hope to be able to blog that I "just ran and ran"... It must be an amazing feeling of independence and ability.


Fantastic! I am still pleased when I do any good run, and when I get 5k! Did think i'd never go further but todays run makes me wonder.... :-)


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