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Swelling and some pain on outside of heel after running!

Have spent the last 3 weeks running shorter distances while on holiday and using my new Vivobarefoot running shoes. The last 3 runs I developed some pain and swelling down the outside of my right heel after running. Ankle was tight when flexed but eased off after I had done some massage and exercises. Does this sound like strain to achilles tendon can anyone tell me? Have been to a keep fit class this morning and worn my ASICS and all seems to be OK although it was a low impact class. I'm wondering if I've overdone the wearing of my Vivobarefoot shoes too soon!

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Oh dear :-(

Hope sorts soon.

I did read somewhere recently an article about that new footwear - wish I'd saved and posted it on here. It was I remember not in favour of them, just can't remember why!! Not much help then!!

Perhaps go back to what you're used to, then you 'll know if footwear related and what to do next.

I'm no sports injury Dr doh Dan, but sounds tending to me given the change in footwear - do you over pronounce on the right heel when running? ( reference to gait analysis thingamajig)

I'll shut up now and let you get more knowledgeable replies!

Hope you get it sorted m'dear

Ali x


Thanks AuntieAli i think you are right about the new shoes, it will be a shame if they are the problem because i really like them. Will rest and use my old ASICS for a few runs and see what happens. Bit of swelling and mild pain this morning after gym class yesterday again. The more i walk the easier it seems to get thankfully.


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