Barefoot running shoes - frustration - house break in!

As I mentioned in my previous blog I have ordered some vivobarefoot shoes and am very excited about them arriving - and they were supposed to come yesterday! Checked the delivery and find they came when I was out and my lovely neighbours - I mean really lovely being very kind - have taken them in and signed for them - and then gone away for the weekend before I came home - do you think I can break in and steal my own shoes??? ooh i can't wait to hold them and try them out!

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  • If you think you can out run a policeman, yeh go for it ;) On second thaughts use a little restraint and wait until they get home, but ooohhhh how frustrating is that!! Let us know how you get on with them, I was checking them out on Amazon yesterday but was unsure if they would have enough support for my feet.

  • think they won't be supportive - i think the idea is that your feet's natural engineering can get to work and your muscles will work more efficiently so you don't need support - well a theory! They do say too that you should work them in gradually as your feet/legs may well ache to start. I'll let you know!

  • Hi, so pleased to hear someone else is a 'barefooter'! I've been running in NB Minimus and now I run in Vibram Fivefingers, they're brilliant, never wearing another pair of conventional running shoes again....ever. I also have my husband, my brother and his girlfriend running in minimalist shoes and they love running more now than they ever have! Enjoy your new shoes :o)

  • Well at least if you break in you'll have some nice running shoes to make a fast getaway!

  • Its okay - its okay - they are back - were only away for one night - i have them! Am now restraining myself while i have a shower and get my legs and feet clean from gardening so i don't get them muddy whilst trying them on - i'll keep you informed!!

  • Looking forward to hearing how you get on with them. The shoes....not the neighbours. It could be influential on my decision to take the plunge or not.

  • ooh - thats a responsibility!

  • I'm hoping Santa has some in his sack this year. ;)

  • Wow Father Christmas has a technical sporting wear factory as well as a toy factory? Multi-skilled elves...who knew ;-)

  • your blog did make me chuckle! Waiting to hear how the new shoes are, I quite fancy those too, the elves will be very busy this year!

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