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New route W5R2 - uphill not a good plan!!!

Evening all! Did W5R2 today and decided on a different route from the normal route through the woods due to extreme muddiness! So, pounded the pavements of the housing estate which was a bit odd to say the least! The first 8min run went well but the second was a killer around the halfway stage as i found myself running up a gentle incline.......queue purple face and slowing down to the slowest pace since W1!!!!!!! But I DID IT all and was thrilled! I missed a run this week so will do W5R3 on Wednesday this week, and then catch up to my normal weeks running of Mon, Thurs and Sat. My mum is hopefully starting the program tomorrow - should I go out with her for her first run or just carry on with my plan only?!

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I'd love a running partner but equally I enjoy the freedom of running to my timetable. Go out and show your mum what's its like, but don't put her off with your new fitness. I dragged my husband out a few times, worried he'd find it too slow and get on my nerves. He was brilliant, just turns out he's too lazy to run 3 times a week as he prefers to cycle for exercise.

Well done on the incline run btw :-)


Congrats on the hill run, must have been tough!

Great, too, that you've got your mum involved! Loads of encouragement needed and yes, I agree with Twedders above, "don't put her off with your new fitness". Patience!!!


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