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One to go!

Despite a late night on Friday, I awoke early Saturday morning, left the other half in bed and got up to complete w9r2. I've had a chaotic week and have fallen behind in my usual schedule, but the extra couple of days rest seemed to work in my favour and this was my best run to date. There were no worries of completion, no niggles in my legs (until after I'd finished) and I felt strong and fit! I ran the furthest I've ever run, (4.25km in the 30 mins running section) and felt seriously proud! I've just had a look for a 5k route that I can do for my last run of this brilliant programme, and I know it will take longer than the 30 mins of the session, but I feel like I can make it, something I would never have believed 9 weeks ago. Thank you for everyone's posts on here they have kept me motivated when I didn't think things were possible, and I will certainly keep up the running after signing up for a 10k for charity in September! Cheers all!

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Well done. I can sense the jubilation from here!


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