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Reccomendation trainers

After the satisfaction and elation of completing w5/r3, I decided it was about time I treated myself to some new trainers mine are just all rounder trainers and very old. Anyhow took myself off to the nearest city and visited several of the sports shops, a couple didn't even ask if we needed any help, tried some on in one but still no help in getting sizes etc, so headed to PILCH in Norwich, all I can say is fantastic, the lady was wonderful, not pushy, I explained my position financially and my level training wise and she was lovely, insisted she looked at how I walked then suggested some styles, they had a budget pair at £25 which she didn't put down just openly told me the pros and cons of each shoe, let me try both on and walk around to my hearts content, I settled on a pair of Adidas, which were like walking on air, can't wait to try them tomorrow :-), they also offer gait analysis which she said I was welcome to do if my training increased.

Wonderful experience so if you live in Norfolk and want some shoes, PILCH is great.

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Have a fun run tomorrow, cushioned by your new shoes. Glad you found the right sort of shop and shop assistant, meaning you'll have full faith in your shoes now, which will give you a boost.


I bought some Adidas trainers too after spending well over an hour in the shop. They are fab - it was a revelation going out in them the first time. Enjoy your run.


I think you'll notice a big difference. My wife and I started C25K last year and had to stop at week 4 due to me having back pains, which I believe was due to wearing al rounder trainers.

Having invested in a good pair of running shoes the cushioning is great (I feel like I'm bouncing around the house when I put them on) I've had no problems whatsoever this time round.

Enjoy your next run! :-)


Thanks minihaiser, after my 20 min run my feet were quite painful as was my right knee hopping this will resolve the issue :-)


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