New Trainers

New Trainers

Well as I said to myself if I made it to wk4 I would invest in some proper trainers! I did and I love them. I have wildly deformed feet (no joke- I have plantar fibromatosis) which means I have no arches and I over pronate. But I went to a local shop got video'd while running; tested out alot of different makes and came away with some beauties that I think will give some great support, correct my gait and look fabulous at the same time. My investment. Will try to remember to report back on how they wear!

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32 Replies

  • Love the shoes :) enjoy!

  • Wow they look great...

  • Ooooh lovely!!! Happy running!!

  • Great decision! The right shoes mean safety, grip, control and confidence. Much like a good set of Pirellis on Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes.

  • My son loved this analogy! I will use it when I am running! ;-)

  • I'm going to wait 'till xmas for mine.

    Like yours though!

  • Are you going to buy some off the peg in a sports shop or go and get 'analysed'? I went to Moti on Albany Rd, and although I felt reluctant (someone videoing me running!) I hope it is going to be worth it. - I'll report back on this after I have run tomorrow! I hear run and become is good in Cardiff near the station too.

  • I was going to get them off the peg so to speak. I don't fancy some spotty, would be mo Farrah telling me I slightly over pronate, and therefore need £200 Nike super air cushioned patriot turbo blasters.

    You can roughly work out your gait by looking at the heel of your current shoes, and by doing the 'brown paper' test. ( I read about it on some running site.)

    You've probably done the right thing though. Look forward to hearing how you got on with them.

  • Ha! I felt a bit like that before I went but I knew I had to go with the state of my feet being what they are.

    I agree you should be able to work out what you need yourself, but we were able to see how the position of my foot changed the positioning of my ankle, leg (presumably hip, back, knee etc) so I do think its worth checking out. And 'she' wasn't spotty or Mo Farah ish! I was explicit that I have been doing this program- so she was gentle with me and I didn't feel like there was a pressure to buy- I could have paid £10 to be analysed and then taken my business elsewhere.

  • It sounds like you had a good experience then. I might do the same now I am a 'proper' runner - ha!

  • I'd encourage you to go before Christmas as well- but then it depends what you are running in- I was running in some old tennis shoes that I used to go raving in! Ha! Thats the way I used to exercise! ;-)

  • I am currently running in state of the art 'lotto' trainers that I bought from splott market about 10 years ago and wore once at the time on account of them being s***.

    Classy 'eh?

  • tidy like innit? Perhaps you need new ones for Wk6 then? I'll keep tabs! Good luck on your run tonight, weather looks good for it. I am out tomorrow so will let you know how it goes in my go faster shoes!

  • Cheers, I'll be going out now, in a minute.. like.

    Good luck.

  • Beautiful! The soles are quite thick, is this because of your plantar fibromatosis, to support the arch? Love the colours :)

  • Yes- They give ALOT of support. Infact they seem to work better than the Orthotics that I wear in my normal shoes- so perhaps I might wear them more frequently than just for running! The shop I went to had themed the shoes into 3 areas- barefoot running, neutral shoes and support shoes. The staff were well trained and seemed to know which brands to go to first. Have you had a fitting?

  • We have a new running shop in Peterborough, but they don't seem to have any trainers for less than £100. And I've not seen any facilities for checking your gait, although it may be behind the scenes somewhere.

    I'm still waiting to see if my calf is up to running again yet after 2 weeks of no running. I wear Skechers Shape ups during the day, which ease my plantar fasciitis, and actually, they have major arch support because of it. They might be best for running in after all, as they make my feet strike mid foot automatically

  • Wow! They ARE beauties! I'd wear those down the pub! Let us know how your running goes in them xx

  • Thanks Curlygurly. Will do.

  • What brand are they - look like they could be HOKAS ??

  • HI Bazza- they are New Balance. They were £85 in my local running shop. Investment piece I think- I didn't mind the price as they are the right ones for my feet and I hope will cost me less than a gymn membership and get more use!

  • What model New Balance are they?

  • Ginbin - Pretty sure they are W860WP4- but I haven't checked the box- I will if you want me to.

    I see that Sports Direct stock NewBalance at a fraction of the price- but they don't have these ones! Phew! What do you wear on your feet?

  • They are that model. I found them on New Balance website. I wear Brooks Glycerin 12 and I have a pair of Brooks Ravenna 4. They give me a lot of cushioning. The Glycerins are like running on a cloud.

  • Do you have any feet problems too?

  • I have metartasalgia, so I need a lot of padding on the ball of my foot.

  • Good for you - both for running when you have plantar fibromatosis - and gor getting a pair of shoes that will help you run. I have a claw toe and usually just strap it to its neighbour before I run, sometimes I forget to my cost. Funny all my proper running shoes have been New Balance - once you know the ytpe you need you can get some good deals online!

  • Thanks Theziggy- you too. All just challenges to be overcome I suppose. Thanks for tip about buying online.

  • I've never seen such beautiful shoes, and they fulfil your need, brilliant. Was the shop named Ali Baba?

  • Shop was called Moti - they have 2 branches one in Cardiff the other Bristol. Are you wanting gait analysis?

  • Don't really know. I am biking at the gym. I wear Cotton Traders leather loafers with velcro fastening. They are really old, but I just have the sole mended and it gives a new sould to them and my feet. Very comfortable, but they are not really waterproof! Then I bought some Clark's running shoes. Dare not wear them to keep them in good nick! So I stick to the Cotton Traders!

  • Ooooohhhh, pretty shoes. Enjoy!

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