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Holme Pierrepont

Also known as the National Watersports Centre Nottingham, 15 minutes or so from me by car.

Their website says about the main rowing lake "5km of perimeter paths for land-based training activities"

Not sure how scientifically measured that will be? At least it's a good benchmark run that I can come back to.

Hmmm I thought, I wonder...

So off I went, took me 31 mins 31 secs to run round the lake.

It's strangely satisfying to run round a lake!

Horrible weather, cold, windy, rain getting steadily drenchinger all the way round.

BUT I could have gone faster...

I'll be back!

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I have a similar venue here in Cornwall called Siblyback Lake. It has a track around the lake which they state is 5km but it is just a bit short of that. Fantastic place to run/jog around though does get quite breezy even on a fairly calm day. But the views are worth it.


Both of those sound lovely places to run. :)

(I love the words 'drenchinger' and 'Siblyback'. :) )


> It's strangely satisfying to run round a lake!

I know what you mean. I love running around a loch; there's something special about it. I have several lochs lined up for this summer, for when I can easily manage 10-15km off-road (not too rough, as they are on forest track). I've also go one route sussed that I'd like to do sometime that is running around an island! The track around the whole island is just 10km!


Now running around an island sounds really impressive.


Doesn't it! There's also a half marathon route hat runs around an entire island that I'd love to do, but the places for that sold out in six minutes!


Stega1958 have you thought about doing the Colwick Park Parkrun?


Thanks groovychick54, I'll look that one up; I have a sort of plan to do a parkrun next weekend depending on family stuff


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