Toughest one yet... W4R1

I am definitely worn out after that run! That was definitely quite tough compared to the previous weeks. The first 5 min run was brill but when i got to the 3 minute run I had to stop because I got such a bad stitch! Funnily enough it was just after Laura said that she struggled with stitches in week 4, thanks for that Laura.... :)

Hoping the next run will be better, I think I'll make sure to drink more water before hand to avoid the horrible stitches, but apart from that it was great!

Happy running!

3 Replies

  • Tough yes, but YOU DID IT! Hang on to that feeling of achievement. Well done.

  • Well done young lady. :-) Each run is tough but they are doable, each week you prepare for the next. When you get a stich try and slow down a little bit until it passes.

    Good luck with your next run. You can do it.

  • Congratulations I did the same run today and the last five mins was tough I agree but we did it here's to the next run :)

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