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Week 3 Run 3

It was hard today! Still in gym but due to a very energetic game of netball last night, found today's run a little more challenging that the previous two have been. Although saying that the reason netball was more energetic for me was the fact that I had much more fitness and therefore could keep up my energy levels for much longer than I have ever done before. So pleased with that result as only been doing C25K for 3 weeks and it has made such a difference to me eg fitness and the way I feel about myself.

I've got one more day in the gym before my free pass runs out, so on Monday I will do my 1st run of week 4 in the gym before I get back on the roads again, ?? its so much easier on the treadmill!

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Well done for finishing week 3. :-)

I do all my runs outside, and I so looking forward to the nicer weather.

Good luck with week 4.


Thanks Caz


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