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Is this cheating ?

The last few weeks have been a bit of a nightmare where running is concerned. My running partner was poorly and I didn't want to get ahead of her, so kept doing W5R1. Then last week was a nightmare with work and only fitted in two runs W5R1 & W5R2, on my own without partner. We got back on track this week but decided to take it easy as my running partner had missed a week and a half. So this week we planned to do 3 x W5R1 then move on. Must admit we run separately on a Friday and today I did W5R2. Next week we plan to do W5R2 on Monday and face W5R3 together on Wednesday. Part of me has to admit I think we are putting off that dreaded run. Does what we are doing fit in with the program ? Is it ok to repeat runs ? Feel like I am cheating somehow !

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It's certainly not cheating, and you're free to take as long as you need/wish to progress through the programme. However, as I've just written in answer to another blogger, don't put off longer runs because you're waiting for the current run to become easy, or because your scared to move on.

For most of us, wherever we are in our running life, the next longer/faster/hillier run is almost always hard; it is wasn't we wouldn't make progress on improving our times or distances. You need to think positive, convince yourself you can do this, and go for it! Run as long as Laura tells you to!


Not cheating, no, but for goodness sake woman get out there and do W5R3! :-D You can do it!

I agree the music on W5R1 is better than the rest but you can have too much of a good thing!

Enjoy! :-)


The only thing that's cheating is not going out at all! ;)

Having said that, I agree with the others - go and do that W5R3! It may be tough (mostly the first half - just keep a steady slow pace if you're worried, and pretend it's shorter!) but it is so well worth it when you've finished!

Thinking about it is worse than doing it, so off you go! :)


You're no cheat. You're just CONSOLIDATING. Nothing wrong with that.

Good luck for the rest of week 5, though luck has nothing to do with it. The c25K plan gradually builds you up to some impressive but totally achievable runs. You'll both be fine.


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