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The home stretch, with falling down trousers!!

Hooray, week 9 run 1 done! nearly 2 stone down on my start weight and feeling amazing, loads more energy and I seem to carry myself better, if that makes sense (does to me anyway). For the first time today I noticed my belt on my jeans is too big and my running bottoms kept falling down. It is expensive this getting fit!

It is strange but I weighed myself on about week 5 and was down hearted I had not really lost anything, then suddenly the weight has dropped off me and my body has changed shape, so if you are on week 5 or 6 and wondering about giving up cos it is not doing any good, my advice is stick with it and it all falls into place both mentally and physically!

Two more runs till graduation, yey

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Good for you! I'm past graduation and not lost any weight (and I have plenty to lose;) but waist POSSIBLY smaller. (Don't dare measure it) But I'm enjoying feeling fitter anyway.

Enjoy your graduation! Don't forget to ask for your green badge when you've done it!


Well done for getting to week 9, I'll be joining you next week!

Your weight loss is amazing, I've only lost about 4lbs, but that's all I wanted to. But the strange thing is my clothes feel different on me, and I have to keep hoiking my jeans up! Also silly things like my ankles look different!


Brilliant, attacking your issues all at once. Well done!


I feel I should point out I have been dieting pretty hard too, and I am still just under 20 stone!


Well done! Great that you're combining weight loss and fitness - me too! I have been on WW and have lost 22lbs in a slow and steady rate; but the running is definitely changing my shape -waist and legs most of all.

Have been tracking my cm losses as well as weight; my work trousers I can now get off without undoing them (as I can with my jeans too); my belts are on the last holes but I resisting buying anything new or getting new uniform at work as don't want to get something that will only be good for a few months... Being positive that this downward smaller trend will continue and it is a change for life - here's to the next 50 years!!! :-)


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