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W9r1 done (maybe) but an iPad, iPhone, iPod techno mess for preparation

On Tuesday I ran in the snow and the ice and all things cold and miserable, but got through without breaking my neck nor my resolve. The problem today, however, was that my iPod was only loaded with w8 and not w9. I tried to think of all sorts of hi tech ways to get data from one to another, but with only a very securely protected work PC (no iTunes) and and equally well protected iPhone (also from the company) I had nothing to bridge the technology gap.

Having braved the above weather, I was intent on my run tonight, so did it the old way. .....!

I setup voice recording on my phone and played through the speaker on iPad. The quality was terrible, but there was enough to get me around a newly discovered route on an industrial estate (with no snow) and up to 15 minutes running without issue.

At 15 mins, both laces on my shoes came lose and I had to stop to tie them again, it took about 30 seconds and then I started the run again with even more vigour. So the question is: after all that messing around and waiting for the recording to finish, does this truly qualify as being done?

I managed to track on my GPS and according to this the run and walks amounted to over 5.7km, so I was not hanging around!

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Of course it does. Well done you! It's also great finding out we can do it without technology when we have to.


Sounds good to me. Well done. :)


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