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I have new running shoes- and they are yellow (my favourite colour)!

After my failed drama of buying running shoes from the internet (please never do it!) I went to buy some running shoes today. I am tackling the infamous Week 5 Run 3 tomorrow morning. I found out from an expensive running gear shop that I over-pronate so took this knowledge to a cheaper sports store, found their running shoes 'expert' and got pointed at a certain rack of shoes for people like me. I saw a beautiful yellow and white pair and although you shouldn't pick by looks..I think I did. I found them the most comfortable but maybe that was psychological because I'd already fallen in love.

Anyway, I have them now and they are so pretty...

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I sooooo love my running shoes too, though I could not have the pink or yellow ones that I liked I had to go for the mens ones (size nine feet!) but they are soooo beautiful to me and live on their own special cushion in my cupboard when not on my feet running.

Like you I too declare my love for my running shoes <3


and I'm guessing, like me, that you're not the kind of girl who cares much for shoes usually?


yep you are right ... and yet I talk to my running shoes , I love them, I am going to Washington DC for easter and I am already working out how I can take them with me .. to the point that I am willing to leave some of my kids clothes behind!! I think I am besotted with them :)


This is such a lovely thread - shoes on a cushion... Oh yes! Really made me smile! :)

Yes, leave the children's clothes behind and take your shoes!


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