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W6R2 completed!

This is my first post even though I'm on W6 now. Have just joined this community to make sure I keep going and because I've enjoyed reading all of the blogs & questions on here. They seem to be from real people rather than the ones you see on some of the other running websites which make me feel intimidated and inadequate.

I run off road with my dog so she can run loose. Luckily she's well behaved and is enjoying it as much as me (if not more!!). She shows me up as she must run about 4 times further than me with all the running ahead and coming back to see where her slowcoach owner is.

Looking forward to doing the non-stop run next!

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'Course we're real... no one's trying to sell you anything here. We're all just trying to get through to week 9, having a laugh and a groan along the way.

Well done on your progress so far.


Welcome - and good luck with the next run. Well done for getting so far all on your own. :)


Just us ordinary folk here. :) Sounds like some fun runs with your dog. I'm sure she'll appreciate the longer running times.


Thanks for the welcome and support. I'm sure I'll be checking in regularly now I know this is here.


Welcome - I finished wk6 run2 day, it's always nice seeing someone around the same stage as me! This is the most supportive internet place I've ever seen, I think. I'd have given up a while back without it :P


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