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8r3 done...... OMG monkeys!

Could not do my 8r3 yesterday as I felt terrible. What with an early flight and what seemed like a virus coming on; aching back, legs and that feeling on the skin. I went back to my hotel, soaked in a bath, then went to bed early.

Today I felt a lot better and despite the snow, the ice, my route having no lights and 3 very unhappy looking brass monkeys. I donned 3 layers on my top, 2 on my bottom and exchanged my cyling beanie hat for a full on North face skiing type and out....!

Going was decidedly slow as I spent half my time avoiding sheet ice, black ice and every other kind of precipitation induced aftermath. Halfway though my route it went dark with only the occasional car coming my way to completely blind me and remove even the slightest semblance of night vision. Soon 10 minute to go and strangely enjoying the music was it this good last run?

Then, oh then, luxury. There was light, there was a path I could see, could run and no white stuff. Should have gone this way in the first place. Pace picked up feeling good, 5 minutes to go passed a bus stop and kicked to look a little less foolish, 1 minute and I was on it.

No idea how far I went, but after all that proceeded was glad not to be a heap on the ground somewhere. No! The dog did not eat my trainers: I did not want to run in the cold, did not want to run in the ice, but despite, DID IT and now have the last week to look forward to, yeh!

One thing, though; I forgot to put the podcast on my iPod. Not sure how to do with my Mac, but that is Thursday's problem.

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How brave can you get? Black ice and no lights? !!! Sounds like you were out of your normal territory too. Well done and good luck for Thursday.


Thanks very much.


Well done for going out at all, sounds like you had every valid reason not to. They are the most satisfying runs are they not, when you see the face of adversity and go running straight towards it?

Also when I read the title of your post to my five year old as he was eating his cereal, he laughed until milk came out of his nose, he thought you had been chased by monkeys! So well done for that too.


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