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A diary of my first 30 minute Run

-5:00 - Okay, you can do this! You have done 28, its only a smidge more, lets go!

-1:00 - Panic after realising I forgot to turn on my running app

-0:05 - Just get phone to pick up GPS signal in time!

0:00 - Lets go! Not too quick, slow and steady!

1:00 - I am going too fast again, slow down!

2:00 - This is hard work, I so can't do this. Am I gasping already?

5:00 - "You should be in a steady rhythm now" *gasp* Really(!) *gasp* you minx

10:00 - Take new route just for a change

15:00 - Skip like a gazelle (possibly flop like a wet sponge) between huge potholes

20:00 - Is it all up hill form here? Realise new route would suit hill walkers

22:00 - Burny legs? They don't usually burn until 25 mins, how can I do this? More hills?!?!

25:00 - "5 minutes to go" Thats only 2 songs! C'mon legs

27:30 - Last song! *gasp* can't *gasp* feel *gasp* legs or lungs

29:00 - "Just 60 seconds left!" What the? where did 29 minutes go? Is she pushing me along? Can I actually do this? I can sprint the last minute!

29:05 - I cannot sprint the last minute

29:45 - So close! Hurry up and finish song!

30:00 - Fist pump of victory! (Startle old lady walking dog and realise I shouted "woohoo")

30:05 - Drag phone app out and press stop button

35:00 - Checked my time and distance and am shocked to realise that I ran 4.88K on my first try. Ponder if it might help others if I share my 30 minutes of running experience and then jot it all down.

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I loved that :) Well done and thanks for sharing your first ever 30 minute run. Brilliant!


Ooh, I can so identify with that! :) Especially the 5 seconds of my mind thinking I maybe had more in my legs, then my legs saying NO!

Well done, KiltLegs - now there'll be no stopping you! ;)


congrats, thats a great run and a great blog


Great blog! I can really identify with that! :)


Well done! I can't imagine doing 30 minutes but know I'll get there eventually lol x must have been great to finish it!


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