Anyone else have problems breathing through their nose?

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle to breathe through their nose when running? I do the entire run panting like a dog, just can't fill my lungs at all if I don't breathe through my mouth. This then dries my mouth so I run with a water bottle which helps a lot but nose runs like a tap!!! Have managed three 5k runs since I graduated last week in 30.59 mins, 30.04 mins & 30.44 mins but I am completely shattered by the end. Wondered if one of those little nose strips would help? Any ideas? Thanks. Claire.


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6 Replies

  • A nose strip might help, you could always give it a go. I get a runny nose too when I'm running, I think it's pretty normal. This is what I do (and I think a lot of other runners do)- hold one nostril closed and blow really hard through the other. Clears it a treat but you might not want to do that unless there's a grass verge. Watch out for dog walkers too, don't think they'd be too pleased about getting covered in snot.

    I used to just try and sniff but it was wrecking my breathing. I'm not worried about looking 'lady-like', all I care about now is PBs :D

  • I don't do it, I know how to, was a midwife and spent years coaching women in labour to breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth :) Maybe it's negative associations? Don't find it helps me personally

  • I've never been able to do it either .... same as you I don't think I could get a proper lungful through my nose and would be blowing bubbles all through the run if I tried :-)

  • I'm so glad to read this! I am not alone! Wooppeeee!

  • I'm a mouth breather when I run. In for two, out for four (or variations on that). Not a chance of four in through the nose, four out - at least not for more than about 30 seconds! ;)

  • I don't nose breath when I run, I can't get enough air into my lungs especially when going up hill. The strange thing is I do Pilates and always manage in/nose & out/mouth then. I think if you are really struggling with it you have to do what is easiest for you, watch out for insects now the weather is getting warmer though.

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