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Running in the nude!

I did my first week 8 run today and drove to a reservoir up the road (Swinsty resivior) I tried to run round it about a week ago and failed after about 12 mins of running and had to walk back dejected, this week I manged to do the whole 3 miles round yey!

Thing is I forgot my iPod (doh!) so no Laura to help my round, I really did feel naked without her! It is amazing how much different it is when you can hear your heart hammering and your own breathing, not harder exactly but different.

Oh! Also I forgot my running trousers (joke)

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I'm sure your blog title will be the most clicked on ever. :D

Congratulations on meeting your goal to make it around the reservoir. I know some people run without listening to anything, but I personally find it more enjoyable to run to a nice beat.

Don't forget your iPod next time, keep your trousers on, and happy running. :)


When I first did C25K I did it without the pod cast for the first couple of weeks or so until I got my phone working with it and I have to say without it I was a lot more self concious. It is better that you can't hear your breathing, don't have to worry about timing etc...

Once I completed the programme and got my confidence up I often without my mp3 player and didn't worry about anything :)


Good points! I relied on Laura during c25k, but prefer running 'naked' now!


I ran naked at the Parkrun yesterday, was very strange and I could hear exactly what the tailrunner was telling me about my breathing being too fast and shallow so I was able to breathe slower and deeper, then was able to run and chat to him rather than sounding like I was dying! Don't know if I will run naked or Laura'd next time, think it may depend on the route and the weather - if spring ever returns I love listening to the birds! :-)


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