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Daytime v Evening running

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I'm doing the 5k programme using a different app on my iphone (it's called 5k Runner) and just did week 4 day 2 earlier today. This involved doing my first 5 minute non-stop run.

I just about managed the first 5 minute run but had to stop half way through the second as I just couldn't manage it.

Has anyone else noticed a big difference in your run depending on the time of day or what you have been doing beforehand? I find runs much easier in the evenings when I get home from work. I suspect this is because my body has had all day to warm up. I usually change into my running gear as soon as I get home so I'm not tempted to just veg out. However, at the weekend I will have just gone from my bed to the sofa!

Its a shame as daytime running means I can actually see where I'm running and can run round a local park which is not lit up at night, but I find it so much harder! Maybe I should start doing a much longer warm up?

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I have the same running pattern too. At the weekend it's out of bed, into running gear and go. Don't find any difference to evening running apart from having more choice of routes at the weekend now - country living and well lit, pavement routes don't go together :-( so evening runs are mainly 'out and backs' which I don't really like.

Bad and excellent runs happen randomly. Always hoping to have one and avoid the other!

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I'm a morning person but find evening running easier. I think it's because I'm not thinking of all the things I have to do in the day & just relax. A bit more difficult this time of year with it being dark so early.

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I have done all my runs in the morning after the school run. Have found a few difficult ones but I enjoy morning runs x

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I only ever do evenings runs - I have a very fast metabolism, so I need a whole day to fuel my body with food. I'd probably pass out if I tried to run first thing in the morning! Also, I love coming back from my evening run, having a lovely hot shower, then being snug in my dressing gown and slippers, and vegging out on the sofa watching tv - always feels well deserved!

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I've just asked a similar question on a different post as I'm struggling on the mornings and seem to do my best runs on an evening...and love coming home, showering and then vegging out for the rest of the night. :)

It feels great doesn't it, coming home with aching legs and knowing you don't have to do anything at all for the rest of the evening!

However, I would eventually (probably not until next year) like to try a park run which tend to begin at 9am, so any hints and tips are very welcome.

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I much prefer evening runs too. It's a great way to get rid of work stress before chilling for the night. I find I simply do not have the same energy in the mornings but, like Lindz, I'd also like to do a park run so would like to feel I could run in the mornings. I guess I need to work on my energy levels!

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