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Week 7 run 1

Today was interesting. i had an odd night of sleep what with the time change and an odd hour of way too early wakefulness texting with a friend jammed in there at around 4 am. I ran without Laura, using a playlist i made yesterday and it was a nice change. it felt odd, suddenly being on my own, without the encouragement and using the clock on the treadmill to watch the time. Florence + The machine (the band) gets my thanks though because any time i felt like i wasn't going to finish i'd hit one of their songs and it helped. today was harder than the last one but i pushed and walked a couple of extra minutes after the cool down. I'm considering switching to an audiobook for the next run (to see if i like that more) but running with my own music did work well.

I'm officially registered to attempt a 5k on the Saturday after next, which will (if i don't skip any or have extreme trouble with week 8 or the rest of this week) be the first of my week 9 runs. I'm told the route is pretty flat and easy. i'll be getting off the treadmill for next week to prepare and get used to regulating my pace. any tips?

Thanks again for the support and encouragement :)

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Good luck with the 5k, that's brilliant - and well done on finding a flat one. Definitely a good idea!

Just don't start off too fast - the first time I did my 5k route, I shot off for the first ten minutes (a flat bit), and nearly keeled over, and had to walk for two minutes to recover! If you need to do a bit of walking, don't worry about it, just do it. Main thing though - enjoy yourself! Is it a fun-run type with walkers, or mostly runners?


I think mostly runners, as far as i can tell from looking at last years results. I'll definitely plan for a slow start, thanks for the tip :)


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