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Having recovered from aching ankles, I've found that an old injury which has left my left ankle weak, is causing me quite a bit of pain around the inside of my ankle, just above the bone. I'm going to go to the drop in clinic in the morning to get some advice- if they tell me to stop running I will be gutted! I'm only on week 4! The most annoying thing is that I am finding that I'm really settling into running, suddenly my breathing is great and I'm loving it and feel confident that I'll be able to complete the programme- isn't it great? However my ankle was giving me trouble when out tonight, I put ice on it when I got home and am resting it now. Fingers and toes crossed that this is only a blip!

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My fingers are crossed for you. I know how you feel, I got to week 6 before Christmas and had to stop because of an ankle injury. The good news is that after a few weeks off I felt much better coming back and had kept I some fitness. I got an exercise bike to keep me going. Getting physio helped.


Try physio rather than the drop in clinic (they aren't experts on sports injuries at the drop in). I tore several ligaments in my foot last July playing netball and 6 months later was struggling to do any exercise. I had 4 physio sessions over 6-8 weeks (3 probably would have done) and I can't tell you how quickly it improved! Best £100 I ever spent and they told me to keep exercising during the treatment. Good luck!


Hi, did go to the drop in this morning, but do know a sports physio. Have been told its a sprain and to rest it for a week, then ease myself back into running just once a week, swimming twice to keep up my fitness, and see how it goes!


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