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I'm really gutted, annoyed as I went to my weekly weigh in and didn't lose any weight, i know i should be happy that i didn't gain but it has depressed me. I have consistently lost weight every week for the last ten weeks. ( I have lost 17ib). I go to weightwatchers but really don't follow the plan of which i confessed to today as it is more about the running for me. I turn into a control freak when i start counting points so i am a bit reluctant to do this. I graduated about 3 weeks ago and am now doing the speed podcasts which i love. I suppose not losing weight felt like a bit of a blow as this week i felt slimmer, toner just generally better in myself. I know i have achieved so much through sheer determination and really shouldn't be moaning this much.

Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!, what do people think should i give the weightwatchers plan a go or carry on just eating healthy and running?

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You are slimmer and fitter, so what's the problem :)

You are developing muscles, so that can account for not losing weight.

People say that significant weight loss tends to come later on.


I know your so right and thanks


You probably actually know that losing weight is far more aboutabout controlling what we eat although moving more really helps!

Not sure where you are at in the programme but the short runs dont actually burn that many cals/earn that many AP sorry!

But you are getting fitter and toning up and the more you can run the more cals/ap you will burn so keep up the good work. If you havent done your measurements then get them done and check every month.

I havent lost any weight since June (because I am eating like my marathon running sis but only running about 14 miles a week lol) but I have had dozens of compliments this last few weeks and been asked dozens of times how much more weight I have lost! (I lost 4 stone 6 with WW from August 2012 to about June 2013 so it definitely works for me when I put my mind to it!

I am just grateful that the extra running and walking I do these days means I havent pile on the lbs, as I have had loads of holidays/weekends away and parties and for once I have just been able to enjoy myself (almost!) guilt free :-)


I lost about 9lbs in the first 4 weeks through healthier eating (not dieting though) and the running but then it stalled - the needle on the scales has barely moved in 6 weeks.

However, I know things are changing - my clothes are feeling looser, I can feel muscle developing and people are commenting on how much weight I have lost - the best thing though is when you catch sight of yourself and realise that your thighs look slimmer, your hips seem narrower and all of a sudden your big sticky out bum is disappearing :-)

I know the logic behind the muscle weighing more than fat etc so I'm trying not to get hung up on the scales too much.

I keep meaning to get the tape measure out 'cos I'm sure that will be a much better indicator 'cos just looking at how much tighter I can do the belt up on my jeans would suggest that I've dropped about 2 inches from my waist / hips.


I follow WW here in the States. I love the program because it is basically common sense of choosing the best foods for you and watching portion sizes. I completed the C25K program and lost only a total if 3-4 pounds BUT I did need to get rid of some of my pants that became to big for me. Now since I'm doing longer post grad runs, I'm showing a bit of a loss but my body is becoming more toned and I can tell I'm about ready to go to a smaller size pant again. I read somewhere and I believe it: a good rule of thumb is for each mile ran, you burn 100 calories. Best wishes to you and don't get discouraged. Gayle


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