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Week 1 rerun

I did it. I managed to redo week 1. I feel great. My knee is not so happy.

It wasn't a good run, I was stiff and needed to relax into it more but I completed it. As for my knee - it completed it too! Though it did complain a bit and I had to nurse it through. I have put an ice pack on it and some ibuprofen gel so hopefully it will be ok. Just have to see how it feels in the morning. With luck I will be running again on Monday.

Viki :-)

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All the best for Monday. (((((knee))))) It must be so hard restarting - at least you're not alone, and there have been some very encouraging blogs about restarters on here recently.

Just go really gently until the knee understands that it needs to behave. :)


So happy you were able to get out for a run, Viki! Its frustrating when our body parts won't corporate with what we want to do! Still sending healing thoughts your way! Gayle


Good luck with the next bit. You're winning whilst you are still going, so well done.


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