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erm, respectfully, go and "do one"!!!

saw this whilst doing some research about running techniques:

definition of jogging is simple: If you are "moving" slower than 6 miles per hour you are jogging, and quite frankly you would be better off walking!

Walking at 4 mph or faster is biomechanically more efficient and far more beneficial to you than "jogging" slowly!

erm, okaaaaaaay!

i'm trying aren't i!! i'm off the couch aren't I !! Bejesus i'm glad this supposed expert is not part of our community!

ali :-0

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yes - thanks for that mr 'jogging expert' - all I can say is 'jog on...'



jog on! - haha. Brilliant!


Ah, but...(and speaking as one who does walk quickly all the time, my normal pace is about 3.6mph) the difference is, most people walk comfortably at around 3mph. Unless you're into extreme power walking or race walking you probably won't get much faster than 4-5mph.

BUT, if you start off jogging at 6mph, the odds are very high that you will speed up and before you know it, you are 'running'!

So, yeh, if you just stick at jogging speed, you might not be 'efficient', but that's not everything is it? Why can't we simply be allowed to 'enjoy' for goodness sake?! Pah, I say...Pah! :-)


With all due respect, bollocks to that!!


(I deleted my comment because I was cross with myself for getting steamed up! I agree with everyone else on here. Though, having tracked down the source of the comment, I think I can see what he was meaning. I think it was meant in respect of people who can choose to run faster or slower - if they *can* run faster, they may well do better to do fast walking rather than slow running. But for those of us who only have the slow run option, I think it's a bit different.)


Hahahahaaaaa what ROT!!


sooooo, if we are not efficient, we are the human equivalent of Ferrari's..... right? we've all got va va voom! :D


guys- im glad its not just me then!!

had to share because it insensed me! I appreciate there may be science behind it but bloody hell fire, give us a chance!

ali x


Seems to me the expert has missed the point that applies to many of us here: if we're jogging slowly, there's a chance we might speed up one day. If we're walking, not so likely. And frankly, it's not all about what's bio-mechanically most economical. So there :P


I ignored this thread until now as I saw the definition and felt no need to comment, having just opened it I'm gutted I missed Greeners blowing her top!


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