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Half Way There!...... and feeling good :)

So, I’m half way there! Tonight I will tackle run 1 of week 5! I can honestly say that I never thought I would make it this far, and even more so to be enjoying the sense of freedom and ‘me time’ and running so much. Ok, it’s a snails pace at the moment and I see real runners running much faster but I don’t now look at them thinking ‘wow I’ll never manage that’ instead I think ‘hmmmm that could be me in a few more weeks’. I have even managed to get past the excruciating knee pain in weeks 1&2 which I feared were going to stop me dead in my tracks, the smell of deep heat is finally leaving the house and even better is that the knee supports I bought back then now fall down my legs so I must be heading the right way if my legs are seeming trimmer!

The hardest part for me is the hour or two before I go out when I am getting my 2 year old son sorted out after nursery and waiting for my husband to come in to take over from me, I feel that I have a sense of dread hanging over me but I am sure that will get better as the weeks go by.

My aim was and is to be able to run confidently without feeling embarrassed by the time the nights have drawn out and I no longer feel that I need to hide in the dark! I think that I am on track to achieve my aim.

So I will step out the door tonight, turn Laura on, ignore the great British weather, take a deep breath and start the dreaded week 5.

I’ve loved lurking and reading all your helpful blogs for the past four weeks so a big thank you for helping me reach my goals so far ?

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Well done on reaching the halfway point. I must admit that I admire you for managing to get out running after looking after your young son - I get enough problems just getting myself out!!!

Good to hear that your confidence is growing in your own abilities - this running game is definitely more a mind think than a physical one.


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