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Well, hello there Slinky Steve!

Have bitten the bullet and bought "Run Free - The First Hour" off Audiofuel - listened to samples and thought that although it's not my type of music it's the rhythm that's the thing so I invoked the God of Paypal and downloaded the blighter. I didn't think I could cope with the Run Wild one (my inner panther is still a little reluctant to play and says its legs are tired) and even if I sign up for the local HM next year I would be more than happy with around 2 hours end time!

Just loading it onto my MP3 and will do an extra run tonight just because I can. Hopefully I'll make proper use of the full hour when I head off for my long run on Sunday because I'll be aiming for 10k. (Odd but 10 weeks ago I never thought I'd hear myself say that I want to run that far.....)

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Have gone from 5.31k in 30 minutes to 6.45k in 42! Would have done the full hour but realised it was getting a bit dark and I had to get back home on foot too.

I can see why Juicyju is so partial to him - I was purring after the first 10 minutes......

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Well something is obviously working for you, MrsMozzer, but I can't imagine him working for me. Brilliant times!


I didn't expect to find my groove with him on the first outing but it was great. As Juicyju says, there is a sexy Bond Girl type who gives time markers but Steve's voiceover is reassuring and motivational at the same time. There are also bits of useful info in there, which is useful.

I know I shouldn't really have run 2 days in a row but I wanted to try Steve out and will be busy tomorrow so I thought I'd give it a go tonight. Now looking forward to Saturdays park run although tempted to work out a longer route and free run instead.......


Ha ha...hes sooo good isn't he. he'll have you purring on every run!!!


Oh yes! Really looking forward to my next outing - just me, Steve and some pavements........


welcome to the world of audiofuel. I would not dream of listening to that kind of music at any other time, running seems to bring out a different side to us. good luck on the 10k


Thanks Alcopop. It's certainly not my usual music ( I like mine loud and heavy) but it hits the spot run-upwise. No park run today because my cold is coming back. Will kill it with vodka and go out tomorrow instead.


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