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Couch to 5K
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Exhausted to elated.

5x50 Challenge (part one) update:


12 5k walk

13 5k walk

14 5k run

15 5k walk

16 6k trail run + 1.5k warmup/cool down walk

17 1 hour fitball class

So I'm into week three and really getting into the stride. I loved the trail run yesterday, in the Spring sunshine, taking it nice and easy.

Today I tried fitball for the first time. It's a perfect, no-impact class which compliments running very well focusing on the core, and arms mostly.

Most days have actually taken an hour.

I have gone from feeling really tired (around day 13/14) which was expected, to feeling quite rejuvinated and full of beans, which I wasn't expecting! I'm still pinching myself that I'm doing this, but really enjoying the challenge.

I have already noticed a change in my body shape, and will measure at the end of 50 days to see if I've dropped any inches.

I have lost 2% body fat :)

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Fantastic! I'm so glad you are enjoying it as that is the most important thing :) well done!


Thank you :)


Glad it's going so well for you, and the tiredness has worn off. You're doing a grand job!


Thank you! I've got a long way to go, so I'm hoping I can beat any tiredness that will inevitaby come my way..... we'll see!


absolutely brilliant!! you're doing so well.

you're certainly keeping active!

keep us updated

ali :-)


Thanks Ali, I'll keep you updated, as long as I keep going...


Keep us updated - you are doing amazingly well.

Not sure I'd have enough time to fit all that exercise in - are you doing it in your sleep?


It's a matter of getting it done as soon as possible in the day, and making it priority. I'm hoping it will become second nature, but we'll see.


sounds like a great challenge TJ. brilliant that you are now feeling the benefits, but cant imagine finding the time to do something everyday. well done on keeping to it :)


Well done! Don't think I would have the commitment for this


Well you need tons of commitment for half marathon training! Good luck with your long one this weekend by the way x


Well done. Great to hear you are seeing changes in your body shape and feeling energised!


Some days I feel energised, some days completely knackered and questioning my sanity ;)


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