Hey guys just needed your opinion on upping miles and long runs. Today I was scheduled to run 9 miles, as a part of my HM training and it was my first time doing the distance after an 8 miler a while ago. It felt absolutely great throughout and for the first hour after the run, Im never hungry after running but about an hour and half later I had a decent breakfast because I know I have to. Yet Im still absolutely shattered, cold and generally just want to sleep for the rest of the day. Any ideas what to do about post long run fatigue? It is bothering me as I haven't even reached the 10 mile mark yet! What am I doing wrong?

Thank You!


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  • Try eating within 30 minutes of getting back in the house as apparently that is the golden time slot for repleneshing your body to best effect.

    You lose loads of calories during your run and the trick is to replace lost nutrients, minerals etc as soon as you can, so you are restored. If you delay you can imagine that your blood sugar levels will plummet and you will feel fatigued

    You could take a bit of food in your pocket to eat at the half way point on your run. I take a home made energy bar and a few jelly beans

    If you are new to this then it's a learning curve and you will soon sort out what's best for you food wise. You will get fitter and stronger too and more used to the longer runs

  • Great advice from MissW, as always

  • Ah! This all makes great sense! Thank you, MissW! I have heard of 30 mins before but didn't think it was an actual significant time frame, just thought it mean eat asap for better recovery. That is probably one of the reason my energy levels are a mess.

    Still haven't quite mastered the art of carrying fluids, never mind food but I'm trying to keep up with all the new adjustements, as I have to if I want to do the distance.

    Thank you once again and hope you are doing well :)

  • Like you I never have an appetite after a long run, but I make myself refuel and rehydrate as soon as I get home. This goes a long way to alleviating the feeling of exhaustion, but let's face it, as you get to these sorts of distances, it does take longer to rercover. I am slowly building myself back up to 10 miles, after injury and having not done it for quite some time and my 8 miler today has left me fairly mellow, but not wiped out, so the body does get used to it as general condition improves.

    My favourite post run brunch is scrambled egg and beans on toast, all covered in cheese, which provides carbs and proteins galore.

    Well done on the distance and good luck.

  • The beardy man speaketh the truth :)

  • But scrambled eggs and beans? Seriously? Really can't imagine that!

  • What? Why not? I can't imagine scrambled eggs without beans.

  • I think we'll have to ask rfc to run a poll.

  • scrambled eggs and baked beans are key components of a cooked breakfast. Along with th bacon, sausage, black pudding, devilled kidneys, mushrooms, tomato, fried bread and pint of tea.

  • Not sure about the kidneys and black pudding but otherwise sounds good to me :)

  • Black pudding is (fortunately) never available here. Bacon is expensive and watery. Sausages have appeared once since last summer.

    I'll pass on the kidneys and EITHER have scrambled eggs and mushrooms OR beans on toast.

    Sorry to have hijacked your post Melly2!

  • Fortunately we make all our own bacon, sausage, black pudding etc so quality control is high. I would rather eat my running shorts than shop-bought charcuterie, or meat of any kind for that matter.

  • Do you run a B & B?

  • I should definetly think about a food poll of some sort. I have to admit I am a beans and egg together sort of person. Used to be my hangover cure in the old days.

  • I am with you RNB. I love scrambled eggs and I love baked beans but not together.

  • its good, try it! :)

  • Good to know that it will get easier! Thank you for your advice, and best of luck in building back up, stay safe and injury free :)

  • Don't worry about it, it will come. Just pour yourself a nice cold Guinness and chill

  • Agree with all above First time I did 8.5 miles felt very light headed after and spent most of afternoon in bed .not naive feeling at all .worked out must have been dehydrated Realised I hadn't eaten enough the night before as had been out for lunch and only had toast for tea. anyway now day before long run consciously eat bit more for meal at night and on run have something wee to eat and mouthful of water every 30 mins and something to eat as soon as finished. Also straight into shower cos if I leave it get really cold in small of back (??) since doing all that no prob on long runs and up to 12 miles now.

  • Yes, all of this sounds very familiar! Im just not very good with water and I don't eat before a run either. And my dinners are earlier so they don't do much for me in the morning. Glad it has gotten easier for you though, should definitely make more of an effort

  • It's a bit daunting trying to make changes to routine - always a worry how it will affect run . Could you maybe have wee bit supper night before? Sounds strange but I swear by bit seeded bread toasted with cheese and jam. I sort of crave Carbohydrate, fat and something sweet .

  • Agree with all of the above. One other thing, are you perhaps coming down with a cold. I find that my 14km run at the WE leaves me pretty tired if I'm coming down with something. I feel fine during the run but quite sleepy afterwards

  • Nothing really to add to the good advice above except that perhaps you need to think about what you eat the night before a long run as well.

    Could you manage to eat something before running? Some people have a banana (or half) or a few dates or something like that. Perhaps experiment with that before shorter runs in case it doesn't agree with you!

  • Yes, good point. No I have nothing before I run, I just cannot stomach it this early in the morning :/ But can definitely do something about the night before so gonna try with that first before I face pre run meals! Thank you! :)

  • Lots of good advice here. I would also say, really, it's not something to be surprised about or worry about - you did two hours of consistent exercise, you felt tired afterwards... the whole point of training is get yourself accustomed to doing something you were not previously used to. Once you have run a dozen ten-milers you will shrug it off like a 5k.

  • Of course, you're right! I'm just so used to short and medium runs actually giving you a boost of energy rather than zapping it out, not so used to it, but I do hope I see the day I shrug a 10 miler off like a a 5k! Thank you :)

  • I have been having similar problems. My main one is the longer run takes my appetite away and I really do not feel hungry at all. I have had to resort to methods that go against the grain for me for the sake of training. As soon as I get in I have 50g of SIS rego strawberry powder mixed with 200ml milk. I hate the fact I have to resort to it but if I dont I can't train for days afterwards. I hope you Find something that works for you. Good luck.

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