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Fighting disappointment to get elation

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Struggled with positivity yesterday. I am doing C25k in conjunction with SW. Thought I had done really well with food choice and focusing on improving my exercise to find out the scales were unkind with 2.5lbs on. Felt robbed and so upset...

But that was yesterday. Today I have come back fighting and completed W2D3. I know it is early in the programme for me but as the runs are becoming more comfortable I was hoping to see a change on the scales too, and certainly not an increase. Well, I live to fight another week and hope W3 will see me finding my groove even more.

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Well done for not letting it put you off, scales can change daily especially when hydration is concerned. Doing both together you will get to where you want to be, just hang in there.

Hey Lizzie it's a little early on in the running to make a difference on the scales, but what will happen is your tone will improve and you will start to see it on the tape measure. But well done for not giving up, Week 3 is a great foundation week, for building up to the longer runs. And it's the longer runs later on that make a difference. It's not scientific but most people talk about feeling more toned about W 4 onwards. You sound like you're really determined so well done for maintaining that mindset.

Hope you enjoy your W3 runs.

I am also doing c25k along side sw and a friend had recommended not to run on weigh day( our weigh in is evening) as on the twice she had done so she had gained πŸ˜ͺ can be really gutting when you've tried so hard. Good luck to you

Yes that is not in the least surprising, but you're sticking with it, and that's the best way. It's always the hard fought battles that we remember when we win. Let us know how you get on, so we can cheer your successes. X

... and remember that you'll soon start to see a difference in body shape even if the weight seems to be unchanged for a while.

Good luck and stick with it. :-)


Slow and steady and linked with a healthy eating regime... this could be the change you want :)

Well done you!


Definitely take your measurements and compare them as well as weight. You may well find that some weeks you lose inches rather than weight. Either is good in terms of how you look - in fact losing inches can be better. Good luck and keep going.

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That's certainly what I found, I lost much more in the way of inches than pounds. I still haven't lost much weight (not one of my targets particularly), but my jeans are loose!! Hallelujah!



I'm wk 6 and not weighing myself - normally I obsess daily when I'm healthy eating and exercising


Oh me too Lizzieley I got on the scales and was exactly the same - gutted! I spent the whole day moping about but then convinced myself to do W3R1 and I smashed it and now I feel great! Weight is just a number- health and fitness is the key! We will get there! My goal is to looked like angelina jolie in tomb raider but that maybe a bit far fetched for a 3st overweight 52 year old and I’m not sure a catsuit would suit me anyway! πŸ˜†πŸ€£ think health instead! Healthy eating and exercise can only ever be positive!

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